Join the Regional Consumer Advisory Council (RCAC)


RCAC originated as an advisory council in 1998 to provide personal input related to mental health service gaps in Region 4.  Simply put, they were surveyed for data regarding housing, transportation, jobs, etc. to assist the Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services to measure the needs and standards of services that adults in recovery receive in their catchment areas.  

In 1999, RCAC received a grant to hire a consultant to teach the council about the funding process (Mini-Grants). A  Coordinator was also funded to staff the council in support of their initiatives: an annual mini-grant project for adults in recovery and a conference. RCAC is unique in its ability to provide such specialized projects benefiting adults for the last decade.  RCAC continues to strive to provide unique topics/speakers at annual conferences and fund creative ideas that promote wellness and self expression among adults in recovery.



Adults (18+), in recovery from psychiatric and/or addictive disorders.  We are advocates, artists, retirees, heads of households, etc. Small grass-roots planning council with an in-depth understanding of “recovery.”  Living the life and giving back through volunteerism.


o       To enhance leadership skills for adults in recovery through opportunities enabling grant funding of self-designed projects.

o       To teach through educative, annual conferences focused upon topics benefiting adults with psychiatric and/or addictive disorders.

o       To train and introduce council protocol: planning/advisory functions, implementing projects, involving adults to have a “voice in the system.”

Please consider a donationNo amount is too small. 


Consumer Conferences:  “Best Practices in Psycho-social Clubhouses,” 1998, “Bridging the Gap Between Psychiatric Disorders & Addiction,” 1999, “Work Incentives Forum,” 2002, “Peer Run Recovery Programs,”  2003, “Moving On: Housing & Job Training,” 2004,  “Recovery-Oriented Clubhouses,” 2005, “Nothing About Us, Without Us: Preferred Practices,” 2006, “Trauma: Recovery-Oriented Alternatives,” Shery Mead, 2007.  


The RCAC has joined NCRMHB's regular Catchment Area Council (CAC) meetings. Please check the calendar on NCRMHB's front page to learn when and where CAC meetings occur. 


Members must be residents of north central CT (Region 4) who are 18+ years old.    

Please join our CAC meetings if you would like to be involved!

HOW CAN I MAKE A DIFFERENCE?    Your volunteer efforts not only help others but teach you valuable skills: organization, leadership, council functions, deadlines, etc.  Many RCAC members move on to Boards, return to school, or transition to work.  And, the Peer Support is always here for you! 

Please call (860) 667-6388 with questions.
All Meetings are open to the public