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"The North Central Regional Mental Health Board (NCRMHB) has a long track record of rigorous evaluation of DMHAS-funded services, effective service planning, and informed advocacy for behavioral health services. The NCRMHB gives voice to consumers, family members, providers and all of the many organizations that have a stake in healthy citizens and communities." 
-Mary Hess, Board Member

The nonprofit Boards of ERASE and NCRMHB have expressed their intent to merge their organizations and operations in order to carry out the work of an integrated mental health and addiction advisory service. Under DMHAS - the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services's contract - the combined entity will be referred to as the North Central Regional Behavioral Health Action Organization (NCRBHAO).

This consolidation of two strong organizations increases the scope of our work to include evaluation, strategic planning, development, and coordination of prevention activities and behavioral health promotion across an individual’s lifespan. We will work across the lifespan, supporting grassroots efforts to assess and address the  prevention, treatment, and recovery needs in Region IV.

Together we will continue to offer preventive strategies and provide public officials with a trusted source to help them assess the impact of state funding, rapidly changing models of care, and emerging needs in their communities. We build consensus among many  interest groups concerning a wide range of issues affecting individuals with mental health and addiction disorders. Our work strengthens communities and helps create a more efficient, effective, coordinated, and responsive behavioral health service system.

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